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Tan Lan Riverside

Tan Lan Riverside creates a proud upscale living experience for every resident with its own high-class facilities, harmonizing harmoniously with the whole community of utilities.

Including versatile park, 24/7 security service, green play area, ecological area, entertainment area, airy garden cafe ...
This will be a place where close friendships are easy to connect with - because the separation between houses is not a dry concrete fence but will be replaced with low-pitched plant pots, so the space also becomes should be more spacious and friendly.
Shophouse, villa
Medical Center
Primary school
Multifunction sport center
Ecological lakes
Spa relaxation

Watch the actual video of new residence

Tan Lan Riverside needs mangrove land is the place to integrate many utilities of a civilized, modern and humane residential area.

The Tan Lan Riverside project is of particular interest to investors and customers about an average price, as all policies are being reformed focusing on expansion of the urban density, population density, and Transportation development infrastructure connecting the region and the system of social utilities are being invested out of the city center, especially the Southwest-Southwest region of Ho Chi Minh.
Ben Luc Long Thanh Expressway
Tan Kim Industrial Park has more than 150,000 workers
Southeast Asia industrial park has nearly 100,000 workers
Cau Tram Industrial Park has more than 70,000 workers
Belt 4
Metro Station No. 5
Long An international port
Road parallel to national highway 50
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